TachoMobile TachoMobile is a program intended for professional drivers who are required to record their working / driving time using tachographs.

Using the program, you can easily register individual activities: driving, rest, work, availability, starting and ending the working day.

The program has the ability to automatically recognize the vehicle's movement. It is only necessary to start work manually and, if necessary, to enter an entry related to rest. This function can be turned off at any time.

Driving Recognition uses the network connection and by checking the average speed of movement using the phone's location service. If permission to access the location is not granted - the driving recognition service will not work.

The program displays the current driving time, daily driving time, and daily work time. Checks if pauses have been made. Daily rests. e.t.c. The detected violations are communicated.

Using the program, we can check the history of previous weeks of work behind the wheel. There is no need to make burdensome printouts, check charts or write down the times of stops, start driving in a notebook - everything can be easily checked in the program.

The program also allows you to edit entries - their correction, modification or deletion.

Mobilny kalkulator wynagrodzeń Free

Mobilny kalkulator wynagrodzeń Free - using the program you will calculate:

  • the amount of remuneration under the employment contract, mandate contract, specific specific work contract and for business activity (self-employment),
  • for a contract of employment and business activity, there is an option to calculate the remuneration taking into account the periodic (sick) inability to work,
  • the program calculates the remuneration both on the given Gross amount (included in the contract) and on the Net amount (on hand),
  • detailed calculations - allow you to check the amounts for individual components of remuneration, i.e. social security, health insurance, tax that apply to the employee, as well as costs for the employer,
  • it is possible to export the performed calculations via e-mail (in txt or csv format),
  • additionally, the program displays ZUS contributions for entrepreneurs - standard, preferential for new companies, and according to the new rules, Start discount (without social contributions for 6 months) - and unregistered activity,
  • the program allows you to compare different contracts with each other,
  • for higher salaries, there is an option to calculate the annual salary in the form of a salary table - tax thresholds, a threshold of 50% of costs and the maximum basis for ZUS are taken into account.

Kursy Walut NBP - Free

Kursy Walut NBP - Free is a free program with which you can easily and intuitively check:

  • current average exchange rates of foreign currencies published by the NBP in Table A (they are updated from Monday to Friday around 12:00);
  • current buying and selling rates for selected currencies published by the NBP in Table C (these data are updated from Monday to Friday around 8:00);
  • the current gold rate quoted by the NBP;

The program has a built-in converter of the selected currency according to average, buy and sell rates taken. You can also set an individual conversion rate and convert data according to this rate;

The application displays a graph with the average rate for the selected currency - up to 5 years back.

The program allows you to display the value of the exchange rate for a selected day from the history of quotations up to 5 years back - this exchange rate can be automatically transferred to the currency converter and easily converted.

The application has a built-in widget for the home screen of the phone / tablet - with the current exchange rate of the selected currency. By clicking on the widget - the currency converter is started with the graph.

Sprawdź Czynny VAT

Sprawdź Czynny VAT - The "VAT entity status check" service is available to people who want to check whether their contractors are active VAT payers. This service is provided by the IT systems of the Ministry of Finance. Users can check whether their contractors are active VAT payers on the day preceding the inquiry. Entering the tax identification number NIP in the field will allow you to check the status of the VAT payer.

VATcalc - Kalkulator VAT Brutto Netto

VATcalc - with the help of the program you can quickly convert amounts from Gross, Net or VAT. It is also possible to convert the amounts received by the given quantity. The program includes rates for various European countries. Additionally, 3 individual rates can be set and used for calculations. It contains VAT rates for all european coutries.